The table below has been designed to make learning and recognising grades within Ninjutsu as simple and easy as possible.

Once you have moved beyond your white belt you are awarded with 9th Kyu and either a green or red belt (depending on your gender). After 9th Kyu you are rewarded a silver star for each level you progress up to 4th Kyu where you replace all your silver stars with a single gold star, you then receive a new gold star up until Shodan.

Once you have achieved Shodan, you remove all of your gold stars and your Bujinkan badge and are awarded a black belt and the next Bujinkan patch, you then add stars in the same fashion until you reach Judan (10th Dan).

symbol Stars Grade logo Stars Grade symbol Stars Grade
  None 9th Kyu   None 1stDan   None 5th Dan
  star 8th Kyu   star 2nd Dan   star 6th Dan
  starstar 7th Kyu   starstar 3rd Dan   starstar 7th Dan
  starstarstar 6th Kyu   starstarstar 4th Dan   starstarstar 8th Dan
  starstarstarstar 5th Kyu         starstarstarstar 9th Dan
  star 4th Kyu            
  starstar 3rd Kyu            
  starstarstar 2nd Kyu            
  starstarstarstar 1st Kyu            


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